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Empowering Iowans of faith and conscience to take bold and just climate action. 


​Last weekend the House voted to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill

From cleaning up Superfund sites, to replacing lead pipes, providing money to communities to prepare for climate disasters, improving transit, and funding EV charging stations, there are positive things in this bill. Yet it also provides money for highway expansion and nuclear reactors. It’s hardly the transformative climate action we need, providing only “nominal” emissions cuts overall. That’s why we must keep the pressure on Congress to pass the “Build Back Better” Act, a climate bill, through the reconciliation process.

This is our last best chance to secure significant investments in clean energy, climate justice, and clean vehicles in time to avoid catastrophic climate change. 

The Build Back Better Act will be the most significant action taken by the U.S. on climate protection ever. It will also be a historic step forward on environmental justice. It will:

  • Invest billions to expand clean electricity through tax credits for solar and wind energy
  • Speed the shift to electric vehicles through tax credits and a nationwide EV charging station network
  • Create a Civilian Climate Corps to put Americans to work at jobs that will reduce emissions and make our communities more climate resilient
  • Limit methane pollution from oil and gas infrastructure through a fee on polluters
  • Remove every single lead water pipe so all our neighbors have lead-free drinking water

As Congress negotiates, we must remind them of the moral obligation we have to protect our most vulnerable neighbors and ensure a livable climate for future generations.

We know there is no time to waste. Extreme weather is getting more severe. This past summer alone, 1 in 3 of our neighbors in the U.S. personally suffered the impacts of climate change in the form of wildfires, drought, extreme storms, and flooding.

No matter where you think your representatives are on this bill, let them hear from you that climate is a moral issue that people of faith and conscience want to see addressed.

We know that a sustainable future with a thriving world, a fairer economy, and environmental and racial justice is possible. This is a moral opportunity to protect our climate and improve the lives of Americans for generations to come. Don’t let Congress leave climate on the cutting room floor – speak up for the Build Back Better Act today.


Your financial support empowers Iowans of faith and conscience to take bold and just action on the climate crisis. Together we are transforming our communities, our state, our country, and our world.


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